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Tires are easy to maintain, but protecting them is a whole other story. Your car's tires are exposed to a range of elements on the road, such as potholes and nails. The worst part is you may not be able to avoid these hazards. To prevent future damage, our mechanics at Rowland's Auto & Tire can help. We can carefully inspect your car's tires to make sure they're free of punctures.

For our tire service, we do the following:

  • Check the condition of your tires
  • Inspect for holes
  • Recommend service if needed
  • Repair or replace your tire

While you can't avoid certain roads, you can avoid a flat tire with our help. Driving with a flat tire can put you at risk of an accident and damage your car. Our mechanics strive to make your driving experience a smooth one, which is why we offer you our comprehensive tire service. Call Rowland's Auto & Tire at (770) 461-1792 for directions to our Fayetteville auto repair shop.

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