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An essential part to your car is oil. Oil passes through a filter and enters your engine. It serves as a lubricant, allowing your engine to perform without friction. When you fail to change your oil on a regular basis, the oil filter can get clogged up with dirt particles and ruin your engine. Engines can be costly to replace so let our Fayetteville auto repair mechanics at Rowland's Auto & Tire change your oil for you.

The benefits of regular oil changes include:

  • Clean engine
  • Improved gas mileage
  • Better engine performance
  • Longer engine life

All the benefits of regular oil changes can lead to less money spent in the future. By letting our mechanics professionally replace your oil filter, we're providing your engine the means to perform better without increasing fuel consumption. The less fuel consumed, the more money you save on gas. For our oil changes, we may also do a thorough inspection of your vehicle to ensure your car is properly running. Drop by Rowland's Auto & Tire or call us at (770) 461-1792 for information regarding our services.

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