A/C Repair in Fayetteville

Enjoy a Comfortable Commute

When it comes to your car, the last worry you may have is your air conditioner. Though, this mentality can cost you expensive repairs or replacements in the future. It's pertinent you recognize the signs of a broken air conditioner before the problem worsens. Whether it's the compressor or electrical system, our mechanics at Rowland's Auto & Tire can fix the problem.

Our A/C repair service includes:

  • Inspection of air conditioning system
  • Check for refrigerant leaks
  • Inspection of electrical system
  • Assessment of coolant system
  • Repair of air conditioner and heater

Driving without an air conditioner can make your commute an unpleasant experience. We can help you avoid that situation by performing a complete diagnostics of your air conditioning system. Your air conditioner may be on the verge of breaking down if it's taking longer to blow cold air or not turning on at all. Allow us at Rowland's Auto & Tire to restore the comfort of your car by calling (770) 461-1792.

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