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Taking Care of Your Car

Finding a repair shop for your car can be time-consuming. With a number of options, you may feel overwhelmed. However, Rowland's Auto & Tire makes the selection process easy for you. As the most trusted name in Fayetteville since 1980, you can have confidence in our mechanics. With our comprehensive services and highly trained mechanics, we can provide you the peace of mind you deserve.

Rowland's Auto & Tire offers services, including:

  • Auto repair : No matter how well you take care of your car, it may eventually run into problems. Whether it's the tires or brakes, our mechanics can promptly fix it with ease and efficiency.
  • Oil change : Oil keeps all the components of your engine running smoothly. Without regular oil changes, your engine may stop working. We can make sure your engine works efficiently longer with our routine oil changes.
  • Auto maintenance : You may not think of taking your car into an auto shop unless there's a problem. As mechanics, we can help you avoid a car problem altogether through our auto maintenance service.
  • Tires : Having a flat tire can be frightening, especially on the freeway. If you suspect your car's tires are deflating, come into our shop. Our mechanics can assess your tire's condition and do the necessary repair.
  • Brakes : A grinding noise can indicate a problem with your brakes. Make sure your brakes are properly working with our brake service. From inspection to service, we do it all to ensure your safety.
  • A/C repair : If your air conditioner fails to blow cool air, you may need to have your system checked. We can locate the problem of your car's air conditioning system and professionally repair it.
  • Emissions failure testing and repair : Cars release harmful emissions, contributing to poor air quality. As trained mechanics, we can test your car's emissions level, perform the appropriate service, and help you pass the test.

When you choose Rowland's Auto & Tire, you can be sure you're receiving professional auto service. Our ASE-certified mechanics are proficient in the diagnostics of your vehicle. We can quickly determine the problem and provide a solution. By letting our experts handle your car problem for you, you can just sit back and enjoy the ride. Call (770) 461-1792 to set up an appointment.

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